For Providers

At times in the primary or specialty care clinics, you may encounter patients that need more resources than your clinic can provide. At other times, you may not have availability to see the patients on the same day. Limited availability of resources at the current urgent care centers may prompt referral to the emergency room. Now, Innovative Medical Clinic is providing another option.

At Innovative Medical Clinic, we offer an array of affordable medical services that your patients can benefit from. These medical services include:

Laboratory studies

For acute diagnosis, we have CLIA-waived point-of-care analyzers such as SOFIA (for RSV, influenza A & B, COVID-19, Strep, mononucleosis), PICCOLO XPRESS (for BMP, CMP), CLIA-waived STD testing, and urine drug panel. Through our partnership with LabCorp, we offer additional lab tests. (See website for additional information). Results of send-out labs are available within 2 – 5 days depending on the type labs ordered.

Imaging capabilities

We are utilizing Advanced Radiology to bring affordable radiographic imaging to your patients. We offer same-day extremity, chest, spine, and abdominal x-rays as well as next-day US services. We can manage most simple extremity fractures (with orthopedic referral capabilities) and can treat most cardiopulmonary abnormalities (pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, etc.). Patients who are found to be critically ill requiring a higher level of care will be transferred promptly to the ED. We also have emergency-trained registered nurses and providers who can promptly triage patients to determine, based on vital signs and initial assessments, if a higher level of care is warranted. Those patients will be emergently transferred to the emergency room for further treatment.

In-office medication dispensing

By partnering with Pharmalink, we offer in-office medication dispensing to your patients at very affordable prices (see website for prices of medications). This means that your patients can be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated in one clinic (one-stop shop), allowing for immediate initiation of treatment instead of waiting till the next day to fill their scripts. Pharmalink provides prepackaged medications, web-based software, guidance on state dispensing regulations, compliance support, medication sheets for patients, and in-office literature.

IV hydration/vitamin infusion

Finally, we can provide IV hydration and vitamin infusion nutrition therapy to your patients who need IV fluids or vitamin infusion. Gone are the days of sending your patients to the ED just for IV hydration. We have certifications in the administration of 39 IV therapy protocols (see website for therapies and pricing). Our training also included understanding the federal regulations to ensure compliance. Additionally, we have training specific to safety procedures with an emphasis on side effects, contraindications, and infusion-related emergencies to ensure patient safety.