Diagnostic imaging is one of the most effective ways to identify the cause of pain, stiffness, or other symptoms. At Innovative Medical Clinic in Jefferson City, Missouri, Elochukwu Osoego, PA-C, and Dara Osoego, FNP-C, offer imaging services in the office for patient convenience. Call Innovative Medical Clinic, book an appointment online, or walk in for imaging today.

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What is diagnostic imaging?

Diagnostic imaging refers to non-invasive tests that capture pictures of your body from the inside. Innovative Medical Clinic has on-site lab equipment to make the diagnostic process as smooth and easy as possible.

There are several kinds of imaging tests available, including:


X-rays, the most common diagnostic imaging test, use a low amount of short-wavelength radiation to produce a picture of your body’s internal structures. An X-ray shows different structures based on their density.

Bones, which have the highest density, appear white on X-rays. Less-dense structures like fat look gray or black. Because X-rays don’t show tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, or cartilage, you may need other imaging tests, depending on your symptoms.

Diagnostic ultrasound

A diagnostic ultrasound uses sound waves to produce an image of a certain small part of your body. Ultrasound can show problems in the soft tissues especially well but doesn’t show issues inside your joints or bones as effectively.

Computed tomography (CT) scan

A CT scan uses specialized X-ray machines and computers to create extra-detailed X-ray images. It can show bone and soft tissue in a 3D image.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRIs use a magnetic field to show very detailed images of bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues.

The Innovative Medical Clinic team carefully evaluates your situation and needs to determine the right imaging test for you.

When might I need imaging services?

There are many circumstances that call for imaging services, including injuries, chronic pain, and unexplained symptoms like stiffness or weakness.

In many cases, diagnostic imaging is one of the initial steps in finding the root cause of your symptoms. Imaging tests can identify the medical cause so the team can determine which treatment is the best approach.

How should I prepare for imaging tests?

If your imaging test requires any special preparation, the Innovative Medical Clinic team lets you know ahead of time. In general, wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing any lotion or jewelry.

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